Face- Sam and Nic chapman 

Hi beauties👋🏻

So for Christmas, santa left me a right treat under the tree, which was the book face by Sam and Nic Champman(faces of Pixiwoo). I absolutely love the book, it’s got a ton of tips and tricks as well as the fact you can unlock secret videos with the book by the app. I learnt a lot from the book, for example how often you should be cleaning your brushes. I really recommend that you get your hands on one as it’s brill. ​

that’s all. I hope you all are had a rocking new year. 🙈

GEM 💎 

Zoeva rose garden eyeshadow palette 

 Hi beauties,

Long time no see,

For my birthday, a few weeks ago, I received the zoeva rose garden palette. Overall the packaging is beautiful and it can be purchased at Selfridges for £18, which is an affordable price. The pigment when swatching with your finger seems amazing but once you’ve ran it against your hand the colour fades easily. The pinkyier colours don’t seem to appear only the pigment. The oranges and darker colours are average. ( by the way sorry about the pic and messiness of the palette). I would recommend if looking for a subtle shine and sparkle on your eyelids but not if you want a full colour and pigment. 

Lots of love

GEM 💎 

P.s would you guys like to see a workout and meal plan for the new year? 🙈💕 

Instagram Feeds Hacks 

A lot of people think that having a perfect feed is important. It’s not really but if you feel it is this is the post for you.

For example you could use close up shots to show the grass. And it shows how pretty the grass really is!! 

Another tip is to take any opportunity that you can to take a photo for example we went to a bbq and got this picture (or several) .

Sunsets are always a cute post to have on especially if there is something in the picture. 

What we think is really important is that the photos are memories that you are posting and there something you want to look back on and remember. For example last year we went on the school German Exchange.Even though the pictures may not have us in we can rennet where and when we took it.

Filters can be a good thing to post on you can get apps and pay for filters or on some phones you already have a few. We think a natural photo is best though it shows that natural beauty from what ever type of photo you take here is some examples of the different effects compared to normal.

Most importantly enjoy your self and don’t be shy to post what you want! 


back to school hacks

Hi beautiful readers

This year us girls at GEM are starting our GCSEs, which means we’ve had 3 years of high school experience and have learnt enough to be able to give you lot some hacks and tips.

  1. This one is kinda unusual  but bring your own drink to school, if not you’re gonna have to wait ’til break or lunch to get one and they’ll probably cost a bit.
  2. Write things out instead of reading them as you’ll be able to remember them quicker.
  3. Focus on your education and don’t follow the crowd it will take you down the wrong road. shockingly enough being popular shouldn’t be the biggest thing in high school as where is that going to lead you afterwards, stick with your close friends and focus on your education.
  4. ALWAYS remember your PE kit if not, you’re gonna have to go through the stinky, old spare kit, which is NEVER washed.
  5. When learning a language use Google translate to have it read you the text as you’ll be able to work on your pronunciation better.
  6. Be social if not you aren’t going to enjoy high school as much and also be nice to others as the amount of times I’ve seen groups kick their ‘friends’ to the curb is disgusting, so please be the  person to give them a hand and make them feel better as being in that position is awful.
  7. If you don’t understand something ask for the teacher’s help, the amount of times I’ve sat there frozen in a exam as I don’t understand something and never asked the teacher when I had the shot is scary!
  8. if you’re being bullied talk to someone, it may seem as the trickiest thing to do, but the moment you have someone by your side it will be worth facing a fear of the unknown
  9. Keep a notebook to put in extra information in such as tips, events, timetables and study material as it will benefit you massively.
  10. If someone says something disrespectful or hurtful, I know it might be difficult but ignore it as we are all really insecure teenagers and some of us try and make our selves feel better by taking the mic out of others, which isn’t alright but the moment you understand why they are doing it, it won’t hurt your feelings anymore.

I hope you enjoyed this, good luck to everyone on their first day of school, tell us a bit about it in the comments, we would love to know!


Please read me!

Hi, beautiful readers.

When I was writing an  essay the other week, the topic of insecurities was brought up. When I looked at the statics of young women hating on their bodies(6 in 10) , I was shocked. 

Being one of those girls who hates on their self, I thought how ridiculous this was. We are, our own versions of beauty, and fact that we hate on ourselves because we aren’t Kim Kardashian or Selena Gomez, made me think; Why would we want to look like them, when their looks are already taken? 

We have beauty on the inside and outside, which they don’t have. No one is perfect, even celebrities, so why are we trying to be?

We should be imbracing ourselves and not hiding away, in a bathroom staring at a mirror insulting ourselves. 

I even challenge you. 

Next time, you are in that bathroom, looking at that mirror, about to hate on yourselve, stop. Say,” I am gorgeous” or “I am beautiful”. 

Even if you don’t believe it, say it. 

 You’ve insulted yourselve so many times that you are believing you have ‘flaws’, which you don’t have but you still believe you do… It will work with ” I am beautiful”, you will say it so many times that you will start to believe it and won’t see those ‘flaws’ anymore.

 I tried it and it works. I have never been so happy with my body and it’s been a week since I have started saying “I am gorgeous”, imagine what it can do for you…

Please, for you and I, let’s show our own version of beauty to the world and that starts with showing our own version of beauty to ourselves…


Nerve book review 

Hi guys! At the moment I’m in Marbella on holiday and on holiday  , for some reason it is a must for me to read, so I picked Nerve by Jeanne Ryan.I picked Nerve as I saw the movie trailer for it and almost died because of Emma Roberts and Dave DeFranco together. As I began to read it I fell more and more in love with it, honestly it’s amazing! The only thing is by what I can tell is the book is a lot more different to the movie. Anyways hope you guys enjoyed this little review! 

EM x 

Kylie lip kits 

I am super excited to post this because I recently managed to get my hands on a Kylie lip kit and a gloss! So, the ordering process was pretty easy and simple. I went onto the website and you have to keep refreshing it when the website is launched. I got Koko k and so cute gloss into my basket and instantly paid and it got sent to me.One of my tips is to know which lip product you want before the sale starts so that you can be quick on the website.

The packaging on the box that they come in is just black on the outside but then when you open it, it says Kylie inside with her ‘logo’.Inside the box there was a little note from Kylie and my 2 lip products. The koko k box is very simple with lips on the front and KYLIE written on it. Then when you open it, inside is a lip liner and the matte lipstick.Then the so cute gloss box is a smaller cute box. I think that the packaging is very simple but it is classy and so nice to look at.Now for the actual product, the package took about 2 weeks to come because I live in the UK it took a little longer to come but that was okay.I got a letter through my door saying that my package was being held at customs which was kind of disappointing because I’d paid all that money and then I had to pay another £14 just to receive my parcel, which wasn’t Kylies fault but I got it from customs because I was so desperate to try them! I tried Koko k first. This product goes on so smoothly,and it is very easy to apply. In addition the colour is very pretty! I expected the colour to be a little bit lighter because it is the lightest pink of Kylies collection but it’s still gorgeous.(it does smell great too). The so cute gloss is a nude colour and it is quite thick but I found that if I used the Koko k lip liner to outline and fill my lips and then layer the gloss on top ,it was a great combination.

I definitely think that if you have the money and the opportunity to buy one then do it because these products are great quality and Kylie has done a very good job making them!

EM x